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Which Real Estate Sector Should You Invest in Gurgaon or Golf Course Extension or Dwarka Expressway?

The first step towards making the right decision is asking the right question at the right time. In the Gurgaon/Delhi NCR region, the real estate sector has seen immense growth. The property rate as well as the rental rate has grown and given huge returns to its investors.

But it is not yet late to get on the ship and earn your share of profits. Other than that, these societies are also good for living a peaceful and healthy life. Let us look at the property value and the rent for properties in the 3 regions: Golf course extension, Dwarka Expressway, and New Gurgaon.

Property Value and the Rent for Invest in Gurgaon, Golf course extension, Dwarka Expressway

●Golf Course Extension: The property range is from 12k to 14k and the rent amount is 50K to 2L per month. This does not include Aralias and Palms.
●Sohna Road: Property valuation is from 8k to 9.5K and the monthly is rent is 30K to 50K
●Gcx: You can get property here at 6.5k to 12.5K.
●SPR: The property valuation is from 4.5k to 7.5k
●8x and 9x: You can get a property for 4k to 6k
●37c/37d: The property valuation is 3.8k to 5.2k
●10x:4.5 k to 7.5 k is the valuation of property in Gurgaon. It does not include the sobha villa.

Growth in Residential and Commercial Properties in the recent years

1.Golf course road: The projects in this region were launched almost 8 to 10 years back and most of the property is fully inhabited. There was a lot of demand in the area and the supply was a big constraint. The last two Commercial Properties In Gurgaon given possession of were Park place and Belair.

When Gurgaon was becoming a popular residential area, these projects entered the market at mouth watering rates. Depending on the project, the price has increased 3 to 4 times in the past years. Thus due to supply constraint and the location advantage, only the rich can buy it and reside there even now. It has thus been branded as an ultra premium stretch.

2.Sohna Road: Those who could not afford to buy places in the GC project, had this made for them. These projects were initially sold for 1600 per Sq ft and then 2400 Sq ft. It was becoming the new normal in Gurgaon. It was expensive for middle class people and soon the budget went out of hand for them. These Residential Properties In Gurgaon are resided by mainly upper middle class to rich people.

The pricing kept on increasing absurdly and people believed that the bubble would soon burst and there would be a crash in the real estate sector of the region. People kept waiting for new and affordable projects without any clarity of the next one.

3.Golf course extension Road: This is also known as the God’s own road because of its absurd pricing. After the extensive pricing of Sohna Road and the Golf course road, it was time for people to get a project that would be a median between these properties. The project started 10 kms from the GC project. With better planning and pricing, it was expected to reach ahead of Sohna Road and it did.

When you look at the valuation now you will see that it flows from top or bottom like water ensuring that each New Projects on Dwarka Expressway reaches peak success and complete occupancy while providing buyers with good returns.

If there is a confusion regarding where to Invest in Gurgaon, you need to see where day to day living properties are made faster. Those properties are good for investment and give a good ROI.

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